1. Do you do partial Stagings?
    We're happy to consider it, but generally we've found that only staging a portion of a home is much less effective than doing the whole thing. It looks more homey, lived-in, complete, and less confusing if the whole thing is staged.
  2. Do you do regular design?
    Gosh, thanks for asking! Because we LOVE to provide design consulting services to our clients! We work with investors, homeowners, and even renters by helping guide them toward the feeling they want in their home or by making a property look incredible to get it sold and for more!
  3. Do you do 'staging' for people who aren't selling?
    We're happy to provide redesign services as well as staging! While staging makes up the bulk of our business, we also do consultations and full redesigns for those of you who aren't selling. From one hour to one day, we have lots of options for anyone who loves our style and wants it in their own home! Check out our 'Packages' page for more details!
  4. How does staging work?
    After a complementary walk-through, we'll schedule a staging date. On that day we'll make your listing gorgeous! Staging usually takes 2 days (one for staging, one for photos) and then we'll send your beautiful MLS-ready shots to you and your realtor. 30 days later we'll remove the staging unless you decide to rent for a second month. Easy as pie!
  5. Why is everyone acting like staging is necessary when we've never needed it in the past?
    More than 95% of buyers start their search online nowadays. If your photos aren't amazing then your home will get passed over in nothing flat! Staging shows the potential, scale, and purpose of rooms, and the professional-quality photos put the listing over the top to ensure that you get tons of interest from the minute you list!
  6. Does Rough Diamond own or rent the furniture used in stagings?
    All the furniture and decor we use is owned by Rough Diamond. We never rent furniture from outside sources - that way we can guarantee that the pieces arrive on time, are the right quality and size, and don't look like boring rental furniture. (That's the worst!)
  7. Does staging really work?
    Staged homes spend 73% less time on the market. That's a lot of time you would have been paying a mortgage, taxes, and utilities while you wait for a buyer. Not to mention our track record: 90% of Rough Diamond's staged homes sell within 30 days, and most sell in two weeks! Staging isn't magic, but it's pretty close!
  8. Who moves the furniture?
    We work with a local moving company that is amazing, cautious, and dependable! You can trust that your staging will show up on time and we will do everything in our power to protect your home while we make it beautiful.
  9. I don't know my style. Where do I start?
    We can help with that! If you don't even know where to begin, we've developed a style quiz that will help us determine where to start with your decor. We can even put together an inspiration guide for you to help you shop!
  10. How quickly can you come to our rescue?
    For vacant stagings we typically need a minimum of 7 days notice to get you on our calendar. We usually stage on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and staging dates are on a first come, first served basis. For consultations, occupied stagings, and redesigns, we can often get you on our calendar in the next few days! Contact us to schedule an appointment.